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Almost 60% of D1 coaches find the majority of their recruits at camps

Just over 80 percent of D1 coaches rely on travel team relationships, while almost three-fourths use tournaments and showcases, according to the survey. Almost 60 percent find the majority of their recruits at camps. Camps are overwhelmingly the predominant source of recruits for D2 and NAIA softball coaches. 

Insider tip: Coaches attend these events to watch specific players. We recommend prior to attending, or in deciding whether or not to attend, an athlete contact officials to find out which college coaches will be in attendance. If the coach represents a target school, send an introductory email to get on their radar.


  1. Do I have the required grades to be a collegiate softball player?
  2. Do I have a recruitable Athletic Index score to be recruited?
  3. Am I ready for the demands of being a college softball player
  4. Am I good enough to play college softball?
  5. What division level(s) am I qualified to play?