Players in the Athletics-Marinakis organization are not permitted to participate with other non A’s teams unless specifically approved in advance by Athletics – Marinakis Manager.  Under no circumstances will one of our players be allowed to participate with another team when the pickup team is entered in the same event as one of our teams.  Any player or coach that violates this policy is subject to immediate removal from the program.


Parents, players, fans and relatives are not to approach college coaches at the ball park under any circumstances.  Interaction with a college coach by a parent or a player is a violation of NCAA regulations.  Our players, parents and other relatives must respect the privacy of the coach and allow him/her to do their job.  If a coach has a question or needs information, NCAA regulations allow them to speak to the travel team coach.

  • DO NOT represent your daughter at anytime during college showcases or during any recruiting event unless asked upon by your travel ball coach or by the college coach requesting to speak with players parents.
  • DO NOT touch or add any player profile handouts to the teams players box unless given permission by travel ball coach. If their are any errors on sheets it will get corrected.
  • DO NOT have any negative conversations about any players or about any lack of colleges in attendance. WE DO NOT have any control of the numbers of colleges attending our games. BE RESPECTFUL!

Any parent that violates this policy is subject to immediate removal from the program.


All players and coaches must comply to the following dress code for games.  Even if we dont always play our best, we will look like a ball team.  This is not an optional policy.  Violators may be cut from the program after one warning.

Jerseys:  Always must be tucked in while in public.  NO TIES IN SLEEVES OR JERSEY BACK.
Sweats: Team issue only, making sweats, caps, etc. or don’t wear them at all
Cleats:  White
Knee Pads:  Black
Batting Gloves:  White, or Black
Sliding Shorts:  White if visible
Sweatbands:  White, Black or Gray
Undershirts: White, Black or Gray
Batting Helmets:  Team issue, all helmets must match.  (no airbrush or decals other than team issued)
Jewelry:  None allowed while playing.
Coaches: Shirts must be team colors with sleeves and shirttails tucked in, long or short pants with shoes, no flip flops.  Hats must be team issue.


The purpose of the Athletics-Marinakis organization is to player develop and improve the softball skills of each participant, to teach and exhibit good sportsmanship, to have fun playing softball, and to place our student athletes in the best position to get recruited.  There is no guarantee of playing time during games, but there is much to be gained by the experience.


Our coaches are expected to be firm but never disrespectful to a player. Coaches will promote a team spirit and do their best to help the players improve their skills.  The coaches’ decisions will be made based on what is believed to be the best for the team over what may be best for an individual.  It should be understood that our coaches are all volunteers that dedicate significant amounts of personal time to the team.


Never approach a coach during, before or after a game because tension will be higher at that time.   Any comments or complaints should be discussed with the Head Coach only, and away from the ballpark, away other parents and certainly not where no players can hear the discussion.  Coaches will have an open door policy as long as comments and complaints handled appropriately. Any parent or other relative who violates this policy is subject to having their player immediately and permanently removed from the team.


Any coach, player or parent who posts on public forums should always refrain from making negative comments that can be associated with our teams.  If others happen to post negative comments about us, simply ignore it because responding will only escalate the problem. DO NOT RESPOND!


Parents are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that exhibits good sportsmanship and sets an example for their children. Cheering and having fun is always welcome. Parents yelling at players, coaches, the opposing team or umpires will not be tolerated.  Coaches are the only people permitted to address an umpire and they will do so at their discretion.  From time to time we will play teams whose coaches and/or fans will act inappropriate; we will not tolerate that behavior in our organization.  People who are unable to behave themselves at the park and set an example of how to act with class will have their player removed from the team.

Playing time, positioning, batting order, etc. will be at the discretion of the head coach and will not be a topic of discussion with parents.  Parents are encouraged to help their daughter improve her skills by working with her themselves or taking her to individual lessons and camps.  Playing time and positioning decisions will be based on merit.  The coaches reserve the right to remove a player from the roster for the actions of the player’s parents if such actions are deemed by the coaches to have a negative impact on the team’s overall performance and/or moral.


The ATHLETICS-MARINAKIS are a family-oriented organization that is intended to be enjoyed by everyone that is involved.  Players are expected to always be respectful to coaches, parents and their teammates. Players should be on time for events with the right attitude and enthusiasm. Players or Parents are expected to call their coach in advance if they are going to be late or miss an event.  It is understood that schedule conflicts will arise, but if such conflicts become a problem then the player will be warned and possibly removed from the team.  Players will be expected to listen when a coach is talking, and they will be asked to follow instructions to the best of their ability.  The coaches reserve the right to remove a player from a game and/or the roster if the player fails to participate as agreed.

Uniforms & Gear

We have an organization agreement with GLUV and EASTON.  Each team coach is required to order directly through GLUV and Easton.  Each team is required to order (1) Sunday Best Uniform and (1) Elite Friendly jersey with GLUV and spend a minimum of $1,000 in equipment with Easton as a team.

All other SCA apparel and spirit gear must be purchased through our in-house vendor.  “NO OUTSIDE PURCHASES WITH BOOTLEG SCA LOGO IS ALLOWED” unless approved by Kostas Marinakis.


Air and hotel travel are arranged and paid by the individual.  Ground transportation is available to players traveling without parents, which most commonly is the case.  Players are responsible for cost of meals.

Hotel Accommodations

Parents are required to pay for their own travel expenses.  We will book hotel room blocks for every event.  Parents are required to book hotel rooms (for stay to play events) from specified blocks.